Our Story

“Elizabeth” explains..

We are a small family concern with “lace in our genes” see our genealogy content in the late 1980’s early 1990’s we created our range of unique “Nottingham Lace Sac” products and achieved the “Best Local Product” Award given by Nottinghamshire Tourist Authority –

Elizabeth was born and bred in Nottingham with many years of training and experience within accounts and computers within the renowned “Boots “organisation. Followed by several years as the accountant within one of the City’s premier Solicitors Practices.

Some time later she designed and created several Nottingham Lace promotional products. Sometime later it was suggested that she enter her designs in the County’s “Best Product” Award competition – which she won!This was followed by several years of long hours working ( often through the night and weekends) to establish a larger product range, and establish her own manufacturing/marketing resource together with a unique merchandising scheme – culminating in a design manufacturing marketing and merchandising company.

We developed the range further to include a whole range of giftware - under the umbrella of “Elizabeth Cooke World Renowned Nottingham Lace” which was retailed thro-out the UK

Nationwide in 146 outlets, in the likes of Tourist Resort, Gift Shops, Hotel foyers, National Trust Establishments, Centre-Parcs Holiday Centres etc.

Unfortunately the UK outbreak of “Foot and Mouth” late in the 1900’s, resulted in the “Government of the day” “Closing Down” much of the countryside, which was the reason why we developed an Internet presence. In the early days most of our business on the www came from overseas, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, USA, Europe, South Africa. That was until the Internet rogues saw an opportunity to conduct fraud on an ever increasing curve.

Since then we have limited our activity to marketing our product via a “Specialist National Online store” which we will continue to do, however.

However it is now obvious that the economic situation has really taken hold and shows “everyday folk” now are more receptive to sound, reliable and attractive offers.

Retailing online nationally with national organisations and finance houses has resulted in an ever increasing spiral upwards of the retail costs, particularly for the smaller specialist/manufacturer/supplier.

We have therefore stepped back, into retailing online DIRECT once more, and are now able to REDUCE our retail sales prices considerably – passing on the savings direct to our customers - we have removed the margins expected of and by national Online distributors, their Finance Houses, and YES by limiting our activity we can now eliminate the addition of VAT – all these actions reveal a saving of 45% on Sales price for our Online customers .. .. .. YES a 45% saving on our collection of “World renowned Nottingham Lace Tablecloths “ is now available DIRECT to the consumer at the most comprehensive price range on offer and available via the “world wide web” just try us !

This dedicated website chronicles and illustrates the relationship between ourselves, the development, production, status and relationships of the product known as “World renowned Nottingham Lace” -from its creation, thro its development and manufacturing techniques into the product created centuries ago…… Yet it remains unique and unequalled, by all its imitators thro-out the world.

Yes we are proud to say .. .. “ Lace is in our genes” -- world renowned, authentic Nottingham Lace - that is !.. ..

This website chronicles how unique the product known as “World Renowned Nottingham Lace” influenced the everyday life, attitude, achievements, aspirations and involvement of many, individuals families, relatives and groups of like-minded everyday folk living in a communities based in, and around the adjoining areas of the City of Nottingham, its suburbs and nearby adjoining villages. Both unique and ordinary folk and their families, who looked to utilise their individual skills/knowledge/application, together with resources found locally ( natural elements etc). All these local folk, and their families, friends and relatives dedicated the majority of their lives to producing and processing this wonderful, attractive quality product – a product which During the 1700’s became more valuable than gold. Today it is difficult to appreciate the high value placed on lace. It was the ultimate status symbol. Individuals were christened, married, and buried in lace.

Yes ! .. .. .. Highwaymen even wanted to be hanged in lace .. .. ..