We should all be aware

We actually “Eat to live” - rather than the actuality of “Live to eat”

However most of the time , most of us, dine informally & casually

Tables in the home are probably the most used and versatile item of home furniture. They are constructed of a wide range of materials- wood, man-made fibre, steel, plastic, brass, marble, natural pieces of any material, all sizes or shapes, any/all can and will serve the purpose of being attractive and functional. A table can be and is used for a huge variety of tasks displays, meals, preparation, games, paperwork, breakfast, dinners, teas, drinks, conversations, discussions, computers, business, leisure activities, board games, a surface for temporary storage, meals, snacks, the list goes on and on..

Tables and flat surfaces are mostly decorated with a tablecloth, runners, placemats, doilies, napkins etc. ), or alternative displayed without a tablecloth (in a natural state), yet using runners etc. However it should be remembered that there are a multitude of ways to dress and change the appearance of even standard table surfaces

For example - A simple rectangular runner down the centre of ANY shaped table will create an attractive alternative to the full coverage of the table top. - This can be supplemented quite simply with Placemats settings etc

A circular ( or oval) table can be dressed with a rectangular runner positioned centrally.

Square tables can also create greater interest when a runner is positioned from corner to corner.

Even a circular ( or oval) table cloth placed centrally on a larger square table can look attractive, as can a small square table cloth on a larger round, or oval table

NOTE ! These suggestions can all be supplemented, with a little creative Placemats settings always remembering to allow sufficient “elbow” space for each guest

The choices and decision as to how to dress a table ( functionally or decoratively) are multitude and need not be one of those accepted as conventional – experiment!

So the world and the choice is your “oyster” be brave and adventuresome, introduce a little change and “off the wall” thinking to the decoration of your table and flat surface furniture

(We invite everyone to send in your own images and suggestions for individual table dressing. We will gladly feature them in our BLOG .. ..)

Home dining and entertaining is probably the most obvious use of a table on a special occasion to set a scene to enjoy with family, friends and relatives. Table dressing need never be fraught, nor full of anxiety, for there are a multitude of choices and variations available depending upon whether the occasion is a routine daily function, or a special occasion ( birthdays etc) or even one of a more formal entertaining event

Having decided on the menu and guest list, it is an opportunity to really enjoy the preparation and presentation of the table.. ..

Here are a few suggestions

The number of guests and actual table at which they will be dining is naturally the starting and limiting factor in considering and choosing the table’s dressing.

Providing the table size is adequate for the number of guests, the table presentation should never be a major problem. Any table can be dressed in a multitude of interesting ways, whilst always considering the golden rule of inviting only as many guests as you can comfortably accommodate at one sitting. This is the strict criteria and should always be adhered to.

All too often a dining occasion can be ruined by attempting to be too generous and attempting to cater for too many guests at any one occasion.

Each dining experience should be one of a casual leisurely, enjoyable occasion, allowing every guest to enjoy fully and appreciate the experience in comfort. Never inconvenience and create personal harassment by infringement of a guests “personal space”.

Your guests will undoubtedly appreciate dining at a table attractively presented, functional and with adequate personal space to enjoy the food and company in comfort.

Dining Tables of any style or shape can be presented in numerous/imaginary styles , with or without flamboyant “over the top” dressing (there are several alternative suggestions within our “Range/Options” Section.


Dining accidents are usually the result of cramped quarters for your guests and those serving

Huge centrepieces can also block lines of “cross table chat” and limit guest’s enjoyment

Here are a few examples of simple yet effective table settings to illustrate some of the many and various choices

Finger Dining !! - Note the setting of the tablecloth ( convention is not always necessary )

Note ! The simplicity of each setting and space available for each guest to dine in comfort.

DINING table function and possible Dining - Menu suggestions

Most home dining occasions are meant to be quite informal occasions for family, relatives, friends and occasionally business or activity colleagues In today’s environment there is little or no justification to simply offer your dinner guests the full “Al la Carte”/ “Table de Hote” menu.

WHY NOT consider surprising your guests, choose and serve, enjoyable “Good Olde English” food as an agreeable alternative?

For example consider some of our national foods, such as

“Cumberland Pie”, “Bakewell Tart”, “Shephards Pie”, “Yorkshire Pudding”, “Haggis”, “Meat and Potato Pie”, “Spotted Dick”, “Bangers and Mash”, “Toad in the Hole”, “Pancakes, ”Steak & Kidney Pie”, “Homemade Fish and Chips”, “Sausages with Sticky Onion Gravy”, “Quick Lamb and Potato Pot”,

The list can go on and on .. .. -

To complement the meal main course, there are numerous English puddings to choose from, so surprise and delight your guests, you cannot go far wrong to consider one of the following.

“Bilberry Pie”, “Blackberry Jelly”, “Bread & Butter Pudding”, “Summer Pudding”, “Chocolate Truffle”, “Clementine & Posset”, “Crème Fraiche Ice Creme “ etc etc

Be adventuresome, for your guests will really appreciate your consideration and the variation from the “norm”. They will undoubtedly spread the word amongst their immediate relatives/ friends and will certainly “look forward” to your next invitation.. possible “stealing” your ideas for their own home dining occasion

A Win/Win situation - don’t you agree? ;-)