“Elizabeth” says..

We are asked by many of our friends, surfers and customers for advise and suggestions as to the ideal individual table dressing size and styles for Nottingham Lace Table Cloths . Regretfully and invariably it is usually the individual table size and shape of their table which restricts thoughts and dressing decisions .. .. .. With this upper most in mind we want to provide our friends / customer with alternative “food for thought” (now there’s a PUN! ).

First decision is .. .. .. do we, or do we not, dress the table with a tablecloth ?

It should be remembered that individual table shapes and size are generally of standard sizes which usually is their only a restriction as to the maximum number of guests who can be seated at any one time.

However ! We suggest - the size and shape of the table need NOT DICTATE the style/shape of choice of a Nottingham Lace Tablecloth or dressing. Particularly the larger sized tables

The conventional style for dressing a dining table is to use a tablecloth of similar or greater size than the shape to the dining table, allowing it to overhang on all sides of the table. However, there are a multitude of alternative ways of introducing greater interest, impact and style to your dining table presentation these are particularly useful with the larger size/shaped tables (We offer the full range of machine made Nottingham Lace with dimensions to the MAXIMUM which can be manufactured by those Lace machine)

The most obvious alternative is to dress the table is with a plain or coloured, overhanging “undercloth”. The immediate visual benefit of this, particularly when dressing the table with Nottingham Lace is that your table dressing will instantly highlight and emphasise the individual, exquisite design and craftsmanship within genuine Nottingham Lace Table Cloths

Importantly when using an undercloth, it enables Nottingham Lace Tablecloths to be used on larger/alternative shaped tables without the need for any overhang . Also by Introducing coloured n undercloths enable ongoing changes to your subsequent “fine dining” occasions .
All we need, is to introduce some LATERAL thinking to the situation – particularly with the LARGER size and shaped dining tables. . . . Occasionally we need to look at alternative ways to achieve the end result – presenting an attractive, all accommodating, functioning dining experience.
Nottingham Lace Placemats and Napkins with a centre piece are excellent alternatives to using a large Lace Tablecloth. However a hostess may want her dining table to present a more integrated appearance
It is most important to remember that table size and shapes do NOT have to dictate that Nottingham Lace Tablecloths should be of a similar the size/shape or even greater than that of the dining table or casual/coffee/side table.
Nottingham Lace Runners are an attractive addition and an alternative to the use of a conventional tablecloth as a Dining Table setting. Runners can also be used in numerous guises and in several options ( longitudinally or breadthwise etc). On long tables two or more Runners across the table’s breadth can be most attractive. In fact a large Nottingham Lace Tablecloth can still be the centre of interest, even if it does NOT cover the entire dining table surface. The major dressing area of the table will still remain the central element of the presentation - supplemented by adding matching Nottingham Lace Table Mats to either side of the table’s central dining area. This technique offers a unique opportunity to dress and integrate even the LARGER dining table with an attractive presentation whist remaining entirely functional
Roma Roma Roma
Square Nottingham Lace Table Cloths on round tables add a touch of the unusual. They can be used also, diagonally/cross wise on a square or rectangular table as an alternative to the standard way.
Large rectangular/oval tables can also be attractively and unusually dressed with two or more, Nottingham Lace Runners placed lengthwise or across the narrow dimension of a table.


We hope you can consider and use our suggestions to assist in enhancing your own “Dining or Casual” Table settings. However, above all, be brave and a little unconventional. You will probably be most pleasantly surprised.

Please do send us your image and suggestions for decorating your table. We will be most pleased to post them online within our website.

Simply email as an attachment to .. .. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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